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What is the safest way to upgrade to Teamwork 5?

asked Jul 03 '12 at 08:28

Pietro%20Polsinelli's gravatar image

Pietro Polsinelli ♦♦

I assume that you are using the installed version on a server with a graphical user interface. Proceed in this way:

  • do a complete backup of version 4

  • install Teamwork 5 in a different location (use "advanced installation") and make it point to a new empty database on the same database server

  • stop the service it will have created. Open WEB-INF/ of version 4, copy the lines




(eventually also schemaName) to the WEB-INF/ of version 5 - overwrite those lines.

  • start Teamwork 5 service, it will update the database schema an data.

You may need to configure your Teamwork again from the admin page (e-mail configurations and default values). Another option is to merge the old files with the new one that you find here:


(If you have a comment or question about this FAQ please ask it in a new separate question. FAQ are meant as part of documentation.)

answered Jul 03 '12 at 08:34

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Pietro Polsinelli ♦♦

edited Feb 05 '13 at 05:48

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Roberto ♦♦

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